Indian River County Fairgrounds

​A Patriotic Charity Event for the Entire Family

Living History in Motion!

Welcome Reenactors! This is info for you and where you RSVP for the event. Please see info including current bounty offers and at the event incentives for you. We value your time and effort that you put in to what you love to do. Without you we do not have this event and we appreciate you!

Vero Beach Military History Expo Dec 1-2, 2018 Reenactor Info!

There is approx 30 acres of flat grass for the battlefield and camps

​Below are general reenactor perks that apply to all reenactors:

  • Free period correct camping 
  • RV and non-period correct tent camping available for a small fee to the county
  • Free bottled water all weekend
  • Free Saturday night dinner, adult (beer) and non adult beverages and bonfire. (Menu will be announced)
  • Free firewood
  • Free access to the indoor gun show that is part of this event
  • Clean restrooms and showers on site!

Below are reenactor specific bounties:

  • Cavalry receives bounty in hay for horses and $50 in gas cash per horse trailer pulled. MUST participate in battle both days and remain set up until Sunday at 3 pm. MUST RSVP your attendance to qualify. See form below!
  • ​Artillery receives a bounty of $125.00 per RSVP cannon. See form below to book. MUST participate in battle both days and remain set up until Sunday at 3 pm.
  • ​Infantry, Medical Groups and Remaining Reenactors receives a bounty of $20.00 gas cash per vehicle. MUST participate in battle both days and stay set up until Sunday at 3 pm to qualify. MUST RSVP your attendance.

If you are traveling from outside the state of Florida please contact us: or 866-611-0442 for additional resources. 

All payouts will begin at 3 pm on Sunday December 2nd, 2018. 

Reenactor RSVP Form Below! This is where you sign up to attend this event and qualify for the bounties. WELCOME! There is no registration fee.

​CLICK HERE to see reenactor rules