Indian River County Fairgrounds

​A Patriotic Charity Event for the Entire Family

Living History in Motion!

Some basic reenactor rules to keep everyone safe, happy and period correct! 

  • ​No firing of any weapons or fireworks in camp or spectator areas. Absolutely no modern firearms are allowed! 

  • ​Quiet hours: 11:00 p.m. till 6:00 a.m. All children must be under adult supervision at all times.

  • ​Please keep all modern items hidden from view of public and other authentic campers during entire weekend. (IE: Gas stoves, lights, radios, etc.) 

  • ​Once your gear is unloaded, please move vehicles to designated parking areas. Absolutely no driving in reenactment or general event areas allowed after event has opened. No vehicles allowed in authentic camps at all!

  • ​All weapons are to be inspected by designated safety personel before the event opens, no exceptions.  

  • Maximum load – 75 grains per round for infantry. 

  • ​Ramrods are allowed, but, may not be drawn. They should be secured so as not to come out

  • ​Edged weapons may be drawn by Officers only. Knives, bayonets, etc., are to be secured in their scabbards

  • Cavalry – no running of horses off the field. Horses should be healthy. Saddles and leathers shall be in good condition. Avoid “killed and wounded on the field” and riding through a hospital area. 

  • ​All artillery pieces shall be inspected by safety officer. All weapons chests will be examined

Minimum Safe Firing Distances are as follows: Artillery 150 yards Muskets/Rifles 50 yards Pistols 50 yards. If you are unsure about a safe firing distance please ask!

​Any violations or disregard for these minimum operating distances can result in removal from the event.

​​No one under 14 years old will be allowed to carry arms. No children under 12 years old will be allowed on the field. 

Modern tent camping and RV's will be allowed in their designated areas.

All animals must be on a leash & under actual physical control

It is mandatory that you HAVE FUN!