2018 Has Been Postponed!

Indian River County Fairgrounds

​A Patriotic Charity Event for the Entire Family

Living History in Motion!

​​2017 Event Schedule Within the

Vero Beach Military History Expo!

Note times can change without notice but usually not.

January 28-29, 2017 is the EXCITING family friendly patriotic event;

Vero Beach 3rd Annual Military History Expo!

Located at the Indian River County Fairgrounds 7955 58th Ave, Vero Beach, FL.

0900- AKA 9 AM for you civilian folk, the Gates Open Both Days! 

The Traveling Vietnam Wall, "The Wall That Heals" from Washington D.C. is set up just outside the gate of the main event and is free to experience. When done, the gate the main event is right across from you and easy to access. 

The entire event is open including the indoor gun show and outdoor Military History Expo, Military Kids Zone, Military Vehicle Displays, Military Surplus Dealers, Various Veteran Group Displays Helicopter Rides, Arts & Craft Vendors, Food, and Fun! Note, you do not have to enter the gun show to see the Military History Expo, that is up to you.

10:00 AM- is the first EXPRESS 90 Minute Concealed Weapon License Class! Click Here for class info and other times for the classes at this event!

11:30 AM Both Days! The FREEDOM CEREMONY Begins. 

Guest speakers from Patriot Productions and the Veterans Council of Indian River County. Then the Vero Beach High School Chorus begins with the live National Anthem along with the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1038 Color Guard. Bleachers are available for limited seating. Feel free to bring chairs!

12 Noon Both Days, the BIG WWII Battle Reenactment:

​Begins with the period correct weapons demonstration located on the WWII battlefield! Get your spot in the bleachers early for this impressive LIVE fire (Blanks) weapons demo with an assortment of rifles, handguns, cannons, military vehicles and more from WWII This is a very informative, impressive and exciting demo! Note: no live rounds are used, no projectiles leave the weapons but it sounds just like the real thing! 

1:30 PM Both Days, the Civil War Battle Reenactment: 

​Begins with the period correct weapons demonstration located on the Civil War battlefield! BIG BOOMS will be heard as the Civil War Artillery unit fires many shots from their full size Civil War Cannons across the field! You have to see this! See period correct Civil War camps, soldiers and experience the tough life they lived in American history!

All throughout the day the WWII, Civil War and Vietnam camps and military vehicles will be set up with soldiers in uniform. Great time for kids to learn and they love seeing it! The kids boot camp and kids zone open all day both days!